Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Product Review: Kushyfoot socks

I was recently sent some samples of Kushyfoot brand socks and I love them!  I wanted to share and give them a shout out since I am asking for more as stocking stuffers and know that some of you may want to as well! 

As a runner, I always feel the need to protect my feet!  The flats to go are excellent because I am able to store them in my purse or bag and use them if my feet are hurting from the shoes I am wearing that day or if I feel a blister forming.  I can't risk getting a blister from every day shoes that will compromise my run!  The other product that I have fallen in love with is their foot covers!  I wear ballet flats daily and these are the PERFECT sock to wear with them to keep stinkiness at bay!  I hate when you wear a super low cut sock but you can still see it peeking out of your flats.  The Kushyfoots are completely hidden!  A ballet flat lovers' dream.

Seriously....I am in love and wanted to share.  As runners, we need to protect and pamper our feet...even/especially when we aren't running!

Their online store is currently closed at the moment as they upgrade, but you can buy on amazon! 

About KUSHYFOOT  : Kushyfoot legwear products are one of North America’s finest hosiery manufacturers, and supplier of prestigious private label programs for retailers, as well as a core brand manufacturer. Available in over 10,000 doors around the nation and online, and in more than 50 styles, they deliver unheard-of comfort and high-end quality at affordable price points ranging from $3.99 to $9.99 retail. Flats-to-go(R), tights, trouser socks, anklets/crews, foot and toe covers, shoe cushions, sport socks (including pedicure and yoga socks) and home/dorm socks comprise the collection. sells on a multi package