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Race Review: Annapolis Half Marathon MD November 2013


Race Review: Marine Corps Marathon DC October 2013

Race Review: Nike Women's Half Marathon San Fran CA October 2013

Race Review: Smuttynose Half Marathon NH October 2013 


Race Review: Navy Air-force Half Marathon DC September 2013


Race Review: Nike Women's Half Marathon DC April 2013

Race Review: Cherry Blossom Ten Miler DC April 2013

Race Review: Rock and Roll Marathon Nation's Capital, DC March 2013 

Guest Race Review: RunDisney Princess Half Marathon Feb 2013


Race Review: Gasparilla Distance Festival, FL February 2013

 Race Review: Seacoast Half Marathon, NH November 2012 


Race Review: Parks Half Marathon,  MD September 2012


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  1. Hey Colleen! So I'm thinking about doing a half-marathon... What are your thoughts? I've never been a distance runner, but have really been enjoying 5k races, and want to go further. I had started to train for a half that I was going to run with some other new mom's after I had Jonathan, and I ended up with really bad shin splints. However, I've been running regularly now for a year or so, mostly on a treadmill, and my shins seem fine. It is really the running on pavement, I think, that bothers me. At any rate, I was looking up local half marathons, and came across the Applecrest Half in Hampton Falls. It is September 8th, which gives me plenty of time to train. Have you heard of it? Would you be interested in running it too perhaps? Thanks for any input. And, please be honest with me... Any input is welcome :) I'm fairly new to the running world ;)