Getting faster was a priority for me as a runner, read here how I accomplished that goal: How I Became A Faster Runner and You Can Too!


2013 Year in Review




2014 Goals in Review and Looking Ahead to 2015

I got injured.  I guess it's bound to happen to every runner at one point or another.  Here's how I dealt:

2014 in Review

I ran the Rock N Roll Nation's Capital in March 2013. I'm hoping that this can help others who are on the fence about going for a full.  I was reading other runner's blogs to help pysch myself up, so I hope this can do the same for you! Click the link below for the official training plan I followed:

Recaps week by week:



How to Run Your Best Race!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE your blog!! I'm new to blogging but have been reading yours for awhile. Maybe I'll run into you at a race one of these days! Stay awesome :-)