Friday, July 29, 2016

Giveaway: Two Entries to a Zooma Run Event (For You and A Friend!)

I am giving away TWO entries to a remaining Zooma Run 

event for 2016!  One for you and one for a friend!  The codes

can be used for the all new Cape Cod fitness weekend (9/24) 

and the Florida race (10/22).  Make a girl's weekend out of it!

Yoga on the Beach? Yes, Please! 

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island is the Host for the Event!  Beachfront!

This looks like an ideal place to relax post-race!

Enter below and good luck!

Women's Health Magazine Run 10 Feed 10

I am once again participating in the fight against domestic hunger with Women's Health Magazine and the Run 10 Feed 10!

About RUN 10 FEED 10

Right now, 49 million Americans are going hungry—they don't know when they will get their next meal. The reality is there IS enough food in the world today for everyone to get the nourishment they need for a healthy and productive life.


It's something we can do something about. Together, we can make a huge impact in a very simple way. All you have to do is RUN!
This fall, Women’s Health will once again host our run with a mission. Run a 10K with us, and you will instantly provide 10 meals for those going hungry in your local and surrounding neighborhoods. You can join us by racing in New York City, Chicago or San Francisco, or you can join us at Fun Runs nationwide. If you don't live in one of our host cities - you can still participate! Sign up to run your own 10K or start a team and host your own RUN 10 FEED 10 run. The money from your registration and fundraising efforts will go to those metropolitan areas nearest to you.

There are a few options to participate:

1.) Race in cities such as NYC, San Fran, Chicago and Denver.  You can read about my awesome experience attending the NYC race here: NYC Run 10 Feed 10 Race Report

2.) Fun Run
Race and Fun Run dates and locations now available: hold the dates in your market! The schedule for

Flagship events and Fun Runs is as follows:

 9/8 – Chicago

 9/10 – Atlanta

 9/11 – DC

 9/18 – NYC

 9/24 – Boston

 10/1 – Los Angeles

 10/2 – Detroit

 10/22 – Austin

 10/29 – San Francisco

3.) Run Your Own

To Sign-up: Click here ( and go to Register Now, then scroll down to RUN YOUR OWN. Then select JOIN A TEAM or CREATE A TEAM, select RUN YOUR OWN 5K. You’ll start the registration process and then will again select CREATE A TEAM or JOIN EXISTING TEAM and search for your team. Finish registration using discount code WHDAHLEM.

4.) Donate:  If you don't want to run you can still help the cause through a donation!  My goal is reach a minimum of $50 so any little bit helps!

Please consider joining me!  You can save $5 OFF any city's registration or 10% off the Run Your Own Option by using code: WHDAHLEM.   Do something good for yourself and for your community.  As a teacher, I know that hunger affects more than just bellies, it affects a child's ability to learn.  Let's #dogood together!  All of the money raised goes to the Feed Foundation

You not only will be raising money to feed the hungry in your local community, but you will cross the finish line with a sense of pride, accomplishment and some great SWAG.  Check out the Feed 10 bag.  I love mine and use it all the time!