Saturday, April 25, 2015

I had a really rough winter...and I finally know why.

It's been no secret this winter was horrible for me health wise.  Cold after cold, the flu, lack of energy, and daily headaches.  My training suffered terribly.  I would participate in the races I had already signed up for but complete only about 1/3 of my training miles and workouts.  I got subs for the spin class I teach.  I am still signed up for a full marathon next weekend, but will be dropping to the half.  

After not feeling good, or like myself since January, I finally went to the Dr.  Doing a search of my symptoms I was assuming that I'd be told I had an iron deficiency.  Lyme disease also ran through my mind as my daughter has suffered from it.  I had blood tests done last week.  My results came back this week and everything came back good except for vitamin D.  I was deficient.  

Deficiency causes muscle weakness and decreased immunity especially to respiratory infections which was spot on for me.  

I am now taking a vitamin D supplement and trying to spend as much time in the sun as possible.  I'm starting to feel a little better, but still weak and will need to build back up to full racing speed and stamina.  I'm so happy winter is finally over!  
Maybe it's time to move back to California?  😜

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Race Recap: BAA 5k

The BAA 5k was an overall great experience and I'm really happy I did it!  The race started and finish at the Boston Common and our hotel, The Park Plaza was steps away.   I love the Boston Common!
I didn't do gear check since I had my husband.  There were plenty of porta potties, but they had run out of toilet paper.  
I found the 7:00 minute corral and hopped in.  It was definitely a crowded race.  There were 10,000 runners and it was self seeding, so the first mile was very crowded and full of many different paces.  This made it very difficulties maintain an even solid pace.  I felt like a Ping pong ball bouncing back and forth looking for openings.  I was getting really stressed out but then decide to just relax, back off the pace and enjoy the sights.  

It was a beautiful course and so neat to run along the same path that the marathon would run on Monday.   So many businesses had signs out supporting the was amazing!  
As we made the left onto Boylston with the slight downhill and the Boston Marathon finish line ahead, I envisioned how that would feel for Mondays runners (my hubby included).   
I finished without a PR but still happy.  I ran without a phone so I had a hard time finding my people at the end, but luckily we all did.  Was so great to see my friends Laura and Christine who live in the area.  Great race ladies!  

I also ran into fellow blogger, Pavement Runner!  Thanks to him for the pic!  
The course was redesigned this year to be faster and American 5k records were broken that morning.  Molly Huddle pulled ahead to take the record and Ben True took the men's.  Both ran the fastest 5ks on American soil....ever!  My husband was spectating and said the cheers for Molly and Ben were deafening... Avery was covering her ears!  Way to go Ben and Molly!  

I couldn't stay in the finish area too long, as I had a 10am group run with Team Nuun.  So I ran the mile or so down Newbury Street to meet up with them.  
We met at the Tracksmith pop up shop and took a 3 mile loop out to the water and back.  Thanks to Jody from CrossMyHeartFitness for the photo.  
After the run, I headed back to the finish line to eat lunch with the family at SweetGreen and look who I ran into there?  I was in heaven!  

What a fun time!  I will be back next year!  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exciting Announcements!

So many exciting things going on in Live Free And Run land!

First, as a member of Team Nuun....I am being given the opportunity to run the Ragnar Wasatch Back in Utah.  Go #TeamNuun

I am runner 9 in Van #2.  My legs:
7.60 miles | Very Hard       9.00 miles | Very Hard      4.10 miles | Moderate    Total Miles:20.7 miles

Very excited and nervous!  I have a pretty long leg and very difficult elevation profile.  I am hoping that this will make Marine Corps Marathon seem easy!  Have you done a Ragnar before?  Any tips to share with this Ragnar Virgin?  

I was chosen as an ambassador for The North Face #TNFlocal.  They are sponsoring November Project style workouts right here in DC!  Come join us!  

I was also chosen again as a Women's Health Action Hero for 2015.  I am excited to run the Run 10 Feed 10 again and support this amazing cause.  

I am will the at the RRCA Run Coach Training all weekend and will come back as a certified running coach.  Wahoo!  

In 8 days we head up to Boston for the Boston Marathon!  I will be running the 5k and the hubby the full!  We will both get to cross this very special finish line!  

As a celebration of the exciting things....I am giving away a FEED foundation bag and lots of goodies!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Life Lately.....

So I got the flu (real full blown Type A flu) AGAIN this year in mid Feb.  Yeah you have got to be kidding me.  I got it last year AND this year....what are the chances?  and yes I did get my flu shot....both this year and last.  (Thinking there should be kindergarten teacher hazard pay... but I love my little munchkins!). 
To say that the flu has affected my training would be an has KILLED my training.  It took over a month to normal again.  The flu than most have turned into secondary infections with a lingering low grade fever, chest congestion, viral pink eye, sore throat and mild ear infection that just wouldn't quit.  Was finally prescribed a z-pack at urgent care last weekend because I just couldn't take it anymore.    I did not teach spin for the past six weeks. I did not work out or run unless it was a race I had already signed up for (with a few exceptions).  I am feeling pretty down in the dumps and trying to get back into it.  I was nervous to teach spin this Weds because it had been so long and I was feeling so out of shape.  I am nervous to run again for the same reason.  But I need to get over that fear of feeling like a failure and now I can get back to where I will just take a few hard weeks of motivation and discipline.  And realizing that every little bit helps.  So when I was early for spin class?  Jump Jacks!  Every little bit will help.  Did walking lunges too. Now as I sit here writing this on Friday...sore.  Just goes to show how far I have to go!  
I need to get back into shape and quick.  I have the BAA 5k, the End Homelessness 5k, Pike's Peak 10k that I was hoping would be my new 10k PR, I have a full marathon at the Coastal DE  (that will be scaled back to the half because of this) and the Columbia Triathlon all coming down the pipeline in the next SIX WEEKS!  So super scary with where I am at right now. 

Have you ever had a break from training due to illness?  How did you deal?  How did you motivate and push yourself to get back into it without the feelings of discouragement?