Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recipe- Buffalo Quinoa Salad

A quick and easy lunch!  Especially if you always have quinoa pre-prepared in the fridge like I do!

A few heaping handfuls of fresh baby spinach
I cup prepared quinoa 
1-2 tablespoons buffalo sauce
Blue cheese crumbles

I lay the base with the fresh spinach.  I warm the quinoa in the microwave and mix with buffalo sauce.  Top the spinach with the buffalo quinoa and top with blue cheese crumbles.  

So easy and so yummy!  I plan on bringing this when I head to work in a few weeks too!  


  1. This sounds amazing! I have everything except for the blue cheese crumbles, which I will get. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. It is so quick, easy and delicious. I just had it for lunch again today. At least twice a week! :-)

  2. Hey, C, where do you get your buffalo sauce?

    1. Whole Foods. You really have to read the labels on the different brands of Buffalo Sauces. Some have questionable ingredients. The brand that Whole Foods carries is good.