Sunday, November 24, 2013

Race Review: Annapolis Running Classic

Packet Pick-Up: This race had a really nice option of being able to select a local running store to pick up your packet at the week before.  We selected City Sports Silver Spring and were able to pick them up on our way to dinner downtown.  During pick-up with your bib it entitled you to 20% off anything in the store.  Pretty neat and I love City Sports!

Race Setting:  Naval Academy stadium, downtown Annapolis Maryland and rural roads outside downtown.  A brisk 42 degree start.

Race Course:  This was a tough 13.1 course.  It was a partial out and back so we had to tackle the big bridge twice.  Aside from the bridge, there wasn't many stretches on the course that were flat.  Not a PR course.  We weren't able to locate a good course profile prior to the race, so I did not feel prepared for those hills!

The Race: We got dressed and had the babysitter arrive at 5:45am. 
We drove out to Annapolis in the dark.  The downside of this race was the traffic trying to get into Annapolis and the stadium.  There was only one way in. We started to get nervous we wouldn't make it before they closed the road!  We ended up not risking it and parked in a neighborhood outside the stadium and ran to the stadium, which helped us hit some no line porta-potties on the opposite side of the stadium.  They were I'm assuming they had been there since the last big game!  :-)
The small field size of 3,000 runners made the start corrals very easy to navigate.  They weren't seeded by pace but that it didn't seem terrible.  It was pretty spread out and I had lots of room to stretch and move around.

And at 7 am, we were off!  

We headed towards downtown and ran through the historic streets and by the waterfront.  As we ran down the Main St, I did a bit of window shopping as I ran.  Great stores and a very cute set of holiday jammies in the window at the Hatley store that I want to go back for!
The course had a lot of turn arounds which made it confusing to keep track of where I was on course and if the runners going the opposite direction were ahead of me or behind me.  I was able to catch Jim twice on the course.  I have him a high five as he zoomed past at mile 3.5 and then when I was headed up hill at mile 7.5 and he was headed down, I was able to shout to him that he was 25th overall and to keep up the good work!

I felt the whole course we were either headed up a hill or down one and it was wearing my body out!  I stopped at a water stop at mile 8 to take my Cliff Shot and some water.  I walked a bit as I swallowed it all down.  

I stopped again around mile 10 to stretch.  My knee and hip were feeling sore and tight...all those hills!  

The views of the water and skyline on the bridge were beautiful.  I had to remind myself to take it in and not stare at the ground!  

The finish headed into the stadium parking lot and that last .5 miles had no views and seemed to go on forever!  I ended up finishing almost five minutes slower than my half in October.

Jim met me at the finish line (He got 14th overall male!) and I attempted to stretch out my hip and knee.  They were really sore and tight.  We went to go pick up our finishers items: long sleeve tech tee and tech socks.  Then we headed into the finishers tent.  Amazing! 


Unlimited craft brews and a fantastic band called the Dublin 5.  Immediately after the race, I said I wouldn't run it again, but the finishers party made me change my mind!  It was so fun, I will run next year just for the party and bring more friends with me!  We called to extend our sitter for an extra hour (worth the $20!) so we could stay longer :-)

Then we headed home to relieve the sitter and I attempted to nap since I hadn't been feeling great all week, starting last Sunday.  I took a sick day Tuesday and had a strep test come back negative on Friday.  The doctor said even without strep I definitely had some post nasal drip going on that she noticed immediately when looking at my throat.  So that may have contributed to my slow time as well.  

Grade: B tough course, but amazing party!  


  1. err I hate the constant turns, feels like it is hard to maintain a pace..but great views and a great party can make up for it if it's not a PR race :0 ) congrats!

  2. The post-race festivities sound fabulous! I should check that out, I have heard how hilly races in Annapolis are but haven't done one. I don't mind hills (I say that now!) but like it better if there are some flat stretches to break it up a bit for the legs.