Friday, December 23, 2016

Product Review: The Mizuno WaveRider 20 Running Shoe

Nike has changed their Lunarglide with the recent models and not to my liking.  The Lunarglide is technically a stability shoe but it was also such light stability that it was basically a neutral shoe.  The newer versions now have way too much I am in the market for a new shoe.  Runners know that changing shoes is no easy task!  Have to test new models, take them for runs to see how they work for us....who's got time for that?

Mizuno contacted me to send me a pair of the new Mizuno WaveRider 20s and I was happy to test them out since I was in the market anyway.  Perfect timing!

I have taken them out on a 6 miler on the road and worn them during a track workout so far. 

Here are my thoughts:

Look:  I do like the way they look.  They are pretty sharp with clean lines and a bright blue color.  Not to mention the box that they came in was beautiful!

Fit: They are slightly more narrow and fit smaller than my Lunarglides, so it is worth noting that you may have to go up a half size in Mizuno to get a fit that you are used to.  I normally wear a 6.5 but those were too tight and I had to exchange them for the 7. 

Feel:  They definitely gave me a nice neutral ride with a good amount of cushion.  The cushion is a stiff cushion, not a pillowy feel, but I liked that I could feel the road.  They definitely felt responsive.

Overall, if you are in the market for a new shoe- I would try the Mizuno WaveRider 20.  They are definitely a part of my shoe rotation now and will get a lot of miles this marathon cycle. 


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