Friday, June 14, 2013

Recovery Update

So, I'm still not running :-(. It feels very strange to not have run essentially in 12 weeks....TWELVE!  I had two races in those 12 weeks because I paid for them, I was lucky enough to get by lottery and still wanted to race (Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and Nike Women's Half).  Though running those I'm sure did more harm than good.  But no training runs, no just run for fun in 12 weeks.  

I've been going to physical therapy for the past 4 weeks and have been doing a lot of hip and flute strength and stretching.  I have also been able to use the Alter-G treadmill which has been awesome.  I've got in four runs on that at 70% of my body weight which causes no pain, but it is also definitely easier.  I am able to maintain sub 7 paces a lot which I don't think I could out on the road.
This was after some pretty fast splits on the Alter G to celebrate National Running Day.  I was pretty stoked.  

My pain comes on with impact, such as running, jumping, etc so a lot of how I normally get my sweat on is off limits.  I've been focusing on battle ropes, low impact but works the muscles in arms, shoulders and core like crazy and makes my heart rate soar!

I've been swimming a lot of laps, following the swimming workouts in Run Less, Run Faster.

And of course, doing a lot of yoga, which is good for my strength and to keep me loose.  I've even been competing in the daily yoga contest by Athleta on Instagram.  #seizethesolstice

I've also been foam rolling which has been more intense than it ever has been! Hurts so good?  Not sure :-/

But, of course I am anxious to get back at it and keep thinking I will try a run to see how it feels, but the fear of the pain and fear of doing more damage has held me back.  I am running the Marine Corps Marathon in October and my training should have already started so not sure how this next full will go.  I definitely won't be qualifying for Boston as I had hoped to (3:35 marathon).  

I get odd aches and pains in that right quad and hip even when not doing anything.  It often happens when I'm sitting in the car, or have that leg raise with my knee bent sitting in a chair tying my shoes.  :-(. Because of this, my Dr wants to send me back for a second MRI of my hip today.  The MRI looking for stress fracture of the femur 4 weeks ago came back clean.  In this 2nd MRI he will be looking for stress fracture but also deep hip burtitis.  If it is burtitis, he can use ultrasound technology to then pin point the location and give me a shot in the hip of cortisone.  Secretly hoping this is it, so I can get some relief ;-)

So I will be sure to report back once I go to my MRI follow up appointment on Tuesday.

Happy Running!  Get out there and run for those who can't!  XOXO

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  1. Hi Colleen - Found you from Running Bloggers and am impressed by your pure motivation to do so much working out, even with the runs. Lord knows I'd probably put on 10 pounds if I couldn't run so great job! And awesome yoga pose!

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