Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

2013 sure was a crazy year!  


It was my first year of blogging.  I started just after the new year!  Thanks for joining along for the ride.


I ran my first full marathon at Rock n Roll Nation's Capitol.  While I was happy with my accomplishment, I wasn't thrilled with the race itself.  

"Mostly, I learned a lot about myself.  I can do anything.  That is truly how I feel right now, on top of the world!  I never thought I could run a marathon, ever.  But I did it.  It scared me.  Even as I signed up back in November, it terrified me.  All through training, I had moments of self doubt...I asked myself why am I doing this?  Could I actually run 26.2 miles?  Everyone is stronger than they realize.  They just have to not be afraid to put themselves to the test!"


After the marathon, found me with an unexplained injury that required two MRIs, physical therapy on the Alter G treadmill and THREE MONTHS off from running :-(.  Blog here: Journeying Into Recovery and here: Recovery Update

"So... To say I've been down in the dumps over my injury would be correct.  It's been tough. One of my friends, hit the nail on the head when she said "I understand why this must be so hard for you. Running is a part of who you are and these last two years, you've really defined yourself as a runner. And now, you can't do something that has become a part of who you are/how you describe yourself".  It makes it hard also to see goals that I've worked so hard for in sweat, time, workouts, miles- slip away.  My 1:45 half this summer, my sub 22 5k and qualifying for Boston at a 3:35 Marathon before Sept 2013 in order to register for 2014.  With no running since March, these are pipe dreams right now."

I ran my first Cherry Blossom Ten Miler- a DC institution!  


"When we were out on the island, there was a group who had set up their own mock hydration station handing out cups of beer and oreos.  I didn't take any, but I sure thought it was funny.  There was a couple dressed as Ketchup and Mustard cheering on runners with a sign that said, "Runners are beating you, Go Catch Up!"....I yelled to them, "I get it!" and the Mustard yelled back, "Relish the moment!".  I ran a few hundred yards before it really sunk in and I giggled....I got that one a bit late!  Another woman was holding a sign that read, "Holler if you aren't wearing underwear!"...Of course I had to!  I love creative signs and great spectators.  That really added to the course.  Without any family that lives in the area, we never have our own spectators, but I love reading everyone else's signs and pretend they are cheering for me!"

My family was spectating at the Boston Marathon when the horrible events unfolded.  My blog here: Boston Marathon Tragedy


 "My thoughts go out to those who lost their lives Monday.  Those who are hurt, gravely so.  My heart is hurting.  This was senseless and all I can ask is WHY?  This was a day to celebrate life, health and happiness...many running in memory of love ones they have lost to tragedy and illness.  A day like this to end the way it did, breaks my heart and leaves an emptiness. "

I ran my first Nike Women's Half DC and received my very first Tiffany Co. Necklace!  

"It was just AWESOME.  Thanks, Nike.  I am hoping I am lucky enough to get in via lottery again next year!  Laces Crossed! And until then, I will be wearing my necklace as much as possible as a  reminder that we can all overcome the challenges set before us"

I came back off injury with running some great fall races!  PR'd by 4 mins in the Navy Air Force Half and Smuttynose Half Marathon and placed first in my age group at the Ellen's Run 5k.  



Since I loved Nike DC so much, I ran Nike San Fran!


"we met up with Colene from Distant Runners again and her boyfriend Todd in town from Oregon for happy hour in our hotel lobby.  They are such great people!  Colene was going to run the full, but was dealing with a stress fracture in her foot and diverted to the half finish.  Her story here. "

My runs started to take a back seat through the fall as the businesses of re-entering the world of teaching and coaching my school's Girls on the Run team twice a week.  Due to my Morton's Nueroma, I was getting alcohol injections in my feet once a week which would cause two days of no running due to soreness.  

 I seriously considered deferring my registration for the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon due to lack of training.  I had only run my longest run of 13 miles in the previous 8 weeks but I still rocked it and had a BLAST!  


"You enter the chute and a Marine shakes your hand and places the medal over your neck.  My Marine gave me my medal and I said to him, "I am a hugger" and gave him a huge hug instead of the handshake!"

In November, I ran the Annapolis Half Marathon.  HARD course but great after-party! 


"Unlimited craft brews and a fantastic band called the Dublin 5.  Immediately after the race, I said I wouldn't run it again, but the finishers party made me change my mind!  It was so fun, I will run next year just for the party and bring more friends with me!  We called to extend our sitter for an extra hour (worth the $20!) so we could stay longer :-)"

This month, I was featured as one of 50 Awesome People on the DC Fitness Community and One of the Top 5 Most Shared Fitness Interviews by Active DC.  


What will 2014 bring?  I'm thinking another full marathon, getting my personal training certification, my RRCA Running Coach certification and my health coach certification.  I have my fingers crossed to be chosen as a Lululemon ambassador, a Zooma Ambassador and being chosen for Nuun Hydrations Hood to Coast Relay Team!  

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