Monday, February 9, 2015

ActivMotion Bar Review

I was sent the ActivMotion bar to review.  It is a workout tool that is a four foot long weighted bar with moving weighted balls inside.  When you move the bar one direction, the movement is exaggerated as the weight shifts in the direction of that movement.  

The idea is to engage your core and stabilizing muscles as you constantly trying to regain balance and counteract the bars own movement.    It took a little bit of getting used to and my first few exercises were not very graceful.  The bar feeling like it was moving on it's own was a unique feeling!  But I started to get the hang of it!  

With the bar, I was also sent videos to follow along with.  This was very helpful because I almost wouldn't have known where to start!  I had some ideas in my head as a fitness instructor of how I would use it but the videos gave me even more.   I was up for a challenge, so I jumped right in with the Level 3 video as my first go at it. 

Yes, I know- my workout area of my basement is not glamorous!  The Level 3 video was a 30 minute circuit workout that included floor work, dynamic movements and smaller pulsing moves.  At the end, Derek Mikulski, the creator of ActivMotion bar said if it's too easy it's time to up your game by doing the advanced movements (which I was) or increase the weight of the bar.  I definitely felt like I needed a bit more of a challenge.  I think I need a heavier bar.  I was sent the 6lb bar, but felt I could have upped my weight.  The bar comes in 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb and 18lb. 
Overall, a good workout that I was able to do from the comfort of my home.  I felt the video was engaging and fun.  It keep my interest! 


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