Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Life Lately.....

So I got the flu (real full blown Type A flu) AGAIN this year in mid Feb.  Yeah you have got to be kidding me.  I got it last year AND this year....what are the chances?  and yes I did get my flu shot....both this year and last.  (Thinking there should be kindergarten teacher hazard pay... but I love my little munchkins!). 
To say that the flu has affected my training would be an has KILLED my training.  It took over a month to normal again.  The flu than most have turned into secondary infections with a lingering low grade fever, chest congestion, viral pink eye, sore throat and mild ear infection that just wouldn't quit.  Was finally prescribed a z-pack at urgent care last weekend because I just couldn't take it anymore.    I did not teach spin for the past six weeks. I did not work out or run unless it was a race I had already signed up for (with a few exceptions).  I am feeling pretty down in the dumps and trying to get back into it.  I was nervous to teach spin this Weds because it had been so long and I was feeling so out of shape.  I am nervous to run again for the same reason.  But I need to get over that fear of feeling like a failure and now I can get back to where I will just take a few hard weeks of motivation and discipline.  And realizing that every little bit helps.  So when I was early for spin class?  Jump Jacks!  Every little bit will help.  Did walking lunges too. Now as I sit here writing this on Friday...sore.  Just goes to show how far I have to go!  
I need to get back into shape and quick.  I have the BAA 5k, the End Homelessness 5k, Pike's Peak 10k that I was hoping would be my new 10k PR, I have a full marathon at the Coastal DE  (that will be scaled back to the half because of this) and the Columbia Triathlon all coming down the pipeline in the next SIX WEEKS!  So super scary with where I am at right now. 

Have you ever had a break from training due to illness?  How did you deal?  How did you motivate and push yourself to get back into it without the feelings of discouragement?


  1. It's great that you are finally feel better! I think it's important to feel that no matter how out of shape you feel, you have to start somewhere and you're always faster than other people! I'm pretty sure I'd die to run the pace you'd run after a month (or so) off. It'll come back faster than you expect.
    On another note, you know you love working with kids when you take getting sick when working with them and still love them. I love one kiddo client right now and love him, even when I have to wipe his face that's full of boogers!

  2. You'll get through. I've had this happen several times and it is always frustrating. I've gotten better at learning not to jump back in too soon and prolong the issue. Always better to be healthy and slightly undertrained than sick/injured/overtrained when you reach your race day.

  3. Hey Colleen! It's Anna aka petiterunningmom :) Okay, so I have no idea how to reach you except via IG or commenting here - ha! Sorry that you were sick, and I am glad that you are feeling better....

    Since I have 3 weeks to my marathon, my track workouts are short and I really don't have many left. What I am thinking is once summer training starts with Mcrrc and I get the training plan, we can meet at any of those High Schools near us in the morning to do track work?? Let me know your thoughts. You can email me anytime at:

  4. Hey Colleen- I'm so sorry to hear you have been so sick. It is awful!!! I'm glad you are on the mend. My best advice is- don't beat yourself up!!! Just because you have those races, doesn't mean they all have to be a PR or your best racing... Enjoy them! Maybe just look at some of them as a training run that you paid for ;) HAHA! Seriously though. You don't want to injure yourself by pushing too hard when you aren't ready. I hope you stay healthy and can enjoy race season!!