Thursday, May 14, 2015

And the hits keep coming...

I mentioned in my last blog post that I learned through a blood test that I was vitamin D deficient.  That leads to weakened immunity and lack of energy...which was me basically from Feb on.  I went to my PCP because after many visits at urgent care for various things- flu, colds, cough, sore throat, weakness, ear pain, etc and not getting better...I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.   I finally had to break down and get a sub to go see my PCP...doctors hours and teacher hours don't line up well!  

While at my PCP I mentioned the symptom of hoarseness of voice that was happening mostly in the evenings for about 3 months (the entire sickness ordeal).  That raised a red flag and she said you should not have that for so long....i want you to see an ENT.  Once again, getting a sub to go to the appointment so I didn't actually go for about two weeks.  I knew I had to because the hoarseness was really affecting my life...evening hoarseness, tiredness and throat pain was causing me to get a sub more often than not for my mid-week evening spin class I teach.  

I finally saw the ENT this week and stuck a crazy tubular camera up through my nose and down the back of my throat.  It was nuts.  While in there he said...yup you've got nodules.  Think of them as callouses on your voice box and prescribed me a steroid.  

I'm instructed to come back after I take the medicine if I don't feel better.  I'm thinking I will...tonight's pain is bad.  I definitely experience the body fatigue as well.  Combined with my vitamin D deficiency lack of energy, I'm really winning right now.  

So in the short term, I may try and rest my voice this weekend.  Unfortunately I talk all day for a living.  But it says not talk or whisper AT ALL for a few days....I guess I have an exciting weekend of carrying around a notepad to communicate.  Ugh.  And I'm thinking I should take a big ole DNS for the Columbia Triathlon and Warrior Dash this weekend.  

Maybe I could still do the Tri silent?  I won't be able to yell, "on your left!".  

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  1. I actually did a huge paper on voice issues in teachers my senior year in college. It's very common. Some schools will get voice amplification devices for teachers so they don't have to talk as loudly! If you don't have any relief of your hoarseness, a speech-language pathologist may be able to help give you some strategies to use your voice in a more efficient way.