Monday, August 17, 2015

A SeaWheezers Guide to Making the Most of Your Trip

1.  Look for flights into Seattle instead of Vancouver.  It's usually cheaper to fly domestic and rent a car.  It's a gorgeous drive!  

2.  Plan on not using your cell phone!  Data and calls in Canada come along with very expensive roaming charges so plan on texting, instagramming, etc from the WiFi of your hotel and Starbucks.  Turn your phone to airplane mode to be safe.  

3.  Download the SeaWheeze App before you head up.  This will be your guide and itenarary for the weekend.  Even without cell service you will be able to access it to get times and locations of happenings.  

4.  Bring your own yoga mat.  There will be three opportunities to practice over the weekend and mats are not provided.

5.  Eat lots of sushi!  With a high Asian population in Vancouver, there are so many wonderful sushi places with great prices.  Many are ocean wise certified as well along with having many vegetarian options. 

6.  Stay near convention center.  You will go back and forth a lot during the weekend.  

7.  Get to the expo early if you want limited edition SeaWheeze gear.  It sells quickly as runners and non-runners buy it all up.  Runners do get early entrance that morning.  

8.  Plan to stay at the expo for a while if you want hair and nails done.  

9.  Check a change of clothes for after the race so you can be dry and comfortable when you stay for the runner's brunch.  

10.  Take the free Capilano shuttle from Canada Place next to the convention center.  It was fun to explore the suspension bridges in the beautiful temperate rain forest.  

11.  Eat before you go to the Sunset Festival. There are food booths but after running 13.1 that morning fuel up on a hearty lunch/early dinner and plan on snacks and extras at the festival. 

12.  If you have a car, drive 1.5 hours north of Vancouver and hike the 6.5 miles to Garabaldi Lake.  It's breath taking.  Bring a bathing suit because while it's freezing water you may just be tempted to jump in!  I did!  

Enjoy every minute of this fantastic place and fantastic race!