Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lost Your Motivation to Run? 6 Tips To Help!

Lost your motivation to run?  Yeah I have been there!

I have found at times I lost my mojo a few things helped:

1.   No devices (except music!)   Just going where your legs want to take you and at the pace they want to take you.  Sometimes when we've lost our motivation looking at a watch can feel defeating....I only went 2.5 miles?  Ugh.  My pace was what?  Ugh.  Turn off that part of your brain and just go to go.

2.  Run with a buddy to chat.  This can be such a great distraction.  It's like going out for a coffee with a friend, but cheaper and less calories!  Just take the pace nice and easy and enjoy the company of your friend!   

3. Download some new music.  That song of the moment that you just can't get enough of?  Yeah download it.  Listen to it on repeat if you have to.  It will quicken your step and lighten your mood.  A running dance party!   

4. A cute new running outfit.  I know it seems superficial but a new pair of shoes, or shorts, or leggings can sometimes be what does it! 

5. Sign up for a race.  Maybe a distance that perhaps you've always had a nagging time goal you have wanted to beat.  Thinking ahead to long term goals can give runs today more purpose.  

6. A destination run. Go to a  place that the sheer beauty will make you think "This is WHY I love running".   For me it's the beach, or a beautiful wooded path. 

Good luck!  I hope you find the joy in running again soon!  Let me know how it goes! 


  1. It's been a while since I lost my motivation (knock-on-wood) but running with a friend is always good!

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