Monday, March 25, 2013

Training: Week 12

Sunday: 10k race; Monday: REST; Tuesday: REST; Weds: Taught Extreme Fit circuit class at gym; Thurs: Taught Spin at gym, Fri: REST, Sat: MARATHON DAY!

The final week of training began with the Fort Hunt 10k race with the DC Road Runners Club.  It was part of the Snowball Series, the final race, so even though it was taper week, I still wanted to give it my all.  I am trying win an age group award for the series. 

It was all the way out by Mount Vernon so we had a bit of a drive to get out there.  This was also daylight savings so the 8am start was almost completely dark....and cold, very cold.  It was a unique course as it was a 5 laps of the loop.  I was afraid I would loose count! 

I ended up running a great race and came across the line as the third overall female!  Wahoo!  That has never happened before.  The thing I like about small races is that you never know who will be racing that day and luck can be in your favor!  I am not fast enough to win age group or overall awards at the huge races.  I won a Starbucks gift card, which will always come in handy!  (My husband also placed in his age group, but they weren't giving out age group awards at this race.)
Receiving my award

I'm a winner!
I rested a lot this week because while it felt strange not to run, I was nervous to run.  I was nervous to do anything where I might get injured and cause me to somehow miss out on the marathon, or at least cause the marathon to be painful. 

Wednesday, I taught my 6 am Extreme Fit circuit class at the gym.  I tried to take it easy on the burpees, jumping jacks etc.  because I have had issues with my ankle (spraining it twice during training) and I did not want to do anything to injure it again!  Thursday, I taught an evening spin class and this I did all out.  With spin, I never feel like I will get injured...which is why I love it so much!

Friday was a rest day.  We headed down to the Expo at the DC Amory to pick up our packets.  Went to the playground that afternoon with my daughter and got the house ready for my Mother in Law to fly in that night to watch Avery while my husband and I ran the race the next morning.  I laid out my running gear, fuel, bib number so it was all ready for the early morning start.

I enjoyed my go-to pre-race meal of whole wheat vegetable orzo (recipe here) and of course a beer!

Awoke very early, and it was GO TIME!  Marathon day!  Wow!  Training was officially over.  You can read the Rock and Roll Nation's Capitol Full Marathon race recap here.

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  1. Congratulations on placement! Will be sure to read the marathon recap.