Saturday, September 21, 2013

Product Review- Lululemon Bang Buster Headband

I know in a past review I mentioned how I am falling in love with Lulu....yeah I have now fallen deeper in love!

The Bang Buster Headband!

It rocks.  Seriously.  I learned of it through my awesome running and spin instructor friend Sheri Matthews over at  She wears them when she teaches spin and I was curious.  She swears by them and told me to check them out.

I headed down to my local Lululemon in Bethesda and bought a lime green and a black one.  I have been wearing them for the last two weeks and they are amazing.  They stay on, just like the Heads Up Headbands, but because they are so large, I actually wear them a little lower so part of the material covers a bit of my forehead.  It catches the sweat and I have less sweat dripping into my eyes while teaching.  Also since it's larger, it keeps my hair flat.  My hair tends to frizz up when it gets super sweaty in a hot spin room.  This helps tame it! If I need to tame frizzy hair on my runs, I used to use a running hat, but in spin, I want my participants to be able to see my face clearly, so this headband fits the bill!

If you want you can fold it in half and wear it thinner for a different "look" you can do that too.  Making it very versatile.

Added bonus: It's reversible, so two colors in one!  Wow. (Except black)

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