Saturday, October 12, 2013

Training Fail

Wanted to write an update about my training.  After coming back from 14 weeks off due to injury this spring- that first comeback I felt like I was on fire.  Hitting amazing splits (adjusted for the summer heat/humidity) and it was all feeling effortless.

Then going back to work hit.  Long hours  put into my Kindergarten classroom, coaching a Girls on the Run team twice a week, teaching a spin class, house work and spending quality time with my little and main man left very little time for training except for extremely late nights and early mornings.

Add to that my foot pain getting worse on certain days limping around school :-(. So the weekly foot shots of alcohol injections began.  Every Tuesday after school.  The recovery from the shots would take a few days so Tues, Weds and Thur were off from running. 

Essentially my training since mid August has meant one mid week run (if that!), one spin class and racing on the weekend.  Definitely not ideal.  I want to give more, but I can't.

I feel very lucky that my fitness hasn't seemed to suffer too much.  5k and half PRs recently....

but I know I could be faster and really get better and stronger if I was putting in the work... But I am just not able to.

I recently had questions on my facebook page of "How do you do it?" and "What does your training plan look like?".  I wanted to be completely honest.  It 's HARD and I'm trying really HARD to find that happy balance.  And by no means is it ideal!  


  1. You are just in a crazy busy and adjusting season, but I'm constantly amazed that you do all that you do and aren't a puddle on the floor nightly (I WOULD BE!) Your priorities are RIGHT ON and that will carry you through. Hang in there, run when you can and never ever ever feel guilty for not properly training for these races. Jim, Avery, and work are what you need to fully focus on for now. You're amazing!

  2. Colleen, definitely remember to keep things in perspective. You have had some great races and you'll have some not so awesome runs. However, you are such an inspiration to many people and I am so impressed by what you do. You and your husband are such a great example with your fit and healthy lives for your daughter. I look at how I grew up and wish that I had that same example--I probably could have pushed myself to extraordinary limits! Keep pushing through and set some new goals for 2014 :)