Thursday, May 29, 2014

How To Run Your Best Race

We all want to run our best race each time we toe the line.  Here are some great tips to make that PR happen! 

1.  Know the course.  Look at the course map ahead of time. This way you will:
 -Know where the water stops are.  Some will only serve water and some will serve both water and a hydration drink.
-Know where the porta-pottys will be along route.  This way you won't get caught guessing how much further when that urge hits.

2.  Know what will be served along course.  This way you can train using that fuel and hydration drink to make sure your body can handle it.  The other option of course is to carry your own fuel.  Many races hand out Gu and Gatorade along the course and I know it doesn't work for me. 

3.  Plan what will wear on race day at least a week ahead.  Go for a run in that outfit to make sure it works....that nothing will chafe or irritate you while running.

4.  Have a throw away warm up layer.  This will keep you warm while you get to the start in the cooler morning hours.  I also warm up after the first mile but then hate carrying a long sleeve or sweatshirt the rest of the race.  So I buy kids large sweatshirts at the Goodwill for $1 and then toss them alongside the course when I am ready.  I know that Sue from This Momma Runs for Cupcakes had the great idea of buying a Goodwill bathrobe and wearing that to the start.  That's a great idea to stay warm!  A runner I met at Marine Corps Marathon always wears a shrug sweater and my cousin has a pearl izumi one that she doesn't toss.  So much easier than arm sleeves.  All so smart! 

5.  Check the weather forecast and lay your outfit out the night before.  Many races are EARLY.  You don't want the stress of scrambling to find that your favorite pair of shorts are in the dirty laundry pile!  (I speak from experience!)

6.  Get to the start line early.  This gives you enough time to make one last bathroom stop and find and place yourself in the appropriate corral as well as find the pacer if you plan on following one. 

Any tips you would add?

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  1. A few items I always pack:) Safety pins, small pair of scissors, travel size packets of Vega Recovery drinks, water bottle, I wear running shorts that hold my phone, license and hotel key if needed. I scope out the health food stores and local running store in case I forgot something!