Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 in Review and Setting Goals for 2015

It's funny....I was just reading my Recap of my running year 2013.  It's always fun to relive those memories.  At the bottom of the post, I outlined my goals for 2014.  

"What will 2014 bring?  I'm thinking another full marathon, getting my personal training certification, my RRCA Running Coach certification and my health coach certification.  I have my fingers crossed to be chosen as a Lululemon ambassador, a Zooma Ambassador and being chosen for Nuun Hydrations Hood to Coast Relay Team!" 

I accomplished some of those goals, but not others.  Honestly some I had sort of forgotten about....and some to be honest...I was probably a bit ambitious.  I don't have all that time!

Running another Full Marathon: CHECK!  I ran Marine Corps Marathon again....and really wanted to break up with the marathon at the finish line.  Read about it here

Getting my personal training certification: STILL ON THE BACKBURNER

Getting my Health Coach Certification: STILL ON THE BACKBURNER

Becoming a Lululemon Ambassador: SOMEDAY!  Hoping and wishing on that one!  As a spin instructor, I would love to have my picture up on the wall of my local Lululemon

Being as a Zooma Run Ambassador: CHECK!  I was chosen and ran the Zooma Annapolis 10k and Half Marathon. 

Being chosen for Nuun's HTC Team: CHECK...SORT OF.  I was chosen as part of Team Nuun, which I may then be able to run HTC for Nuun! 

Getting my RRCA Run Coach Certification: Coming up in April 2015!  Wahoo! 

But also completed a goal that wasn't on that list....I completed my very first triathlon!  At the Nations Triathlon here in DC.  You can read all about it here.  I finished 1st in my Age Group and it qualified me for the Age Group Nationals this summer in WI. 

What are my goals for 2015?

I want to run another full marathon (or two!).  I definitely want to go sub 4:00 as my initial goal and then run a 3:35 to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Heck, my hubby did it...I can do it too!

I want to attend yoga once a week.

I want to incorporate more strength training.  This used to be a larger priority for me, but it let it slide in 2014.  2015 will be the year of strong!  I feel like such a stronger runner when I focus on weight training!

Let's see what 2015 will bring!  What are your goals?

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  1. Colleen,
    As always, thanks for sharing! I loved reading about your goals. I too think someday I'd like to be a health coach. Let me know when you look to doing that as I'd be interested to hear your experience. Would love to catch up for Boston!!!