Sunday, January 13, 2013

Product Review: "The Mat" Lululemon


I FINALLY bought myself a new yoga mat!  My other one was about ten years it in college.  With the past year of at least doing two yoga sessions a week, it just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I get very sweaty hands and feet when I do yoga and so I need to be able to "stick" to the mat and not slide.  My Gaiam mat was causing some major slippage issues so I knew I needed to find an extra sticky mat.  

I read some reviews online and decided to head down to my local Lulu and check out the mats.  Indeed this mat was cushioned and grippy from what I could tell in the store.  The sales person told me that they actually made it out of the same material as a tennis racket handle.  Pretty neat.  Plus it has some antimicrobial additive that prevents mold and mildew because mats can get pretty stinky.  I also noticed it is a tad larger than my previous mat as well.  

I have now tried it out for two yoga sessions this week and I would say that I LOVE it.  If you are in search of a new, extra sticky mat, definitely check it out.  Plus, it comes in some nice colors.  I got grey, but there is also a really nice mint green....I got my strap in the mint.
The only downside is the weight.  It is definitely heavy!  

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