Saturday, January 5, 2013

Product Review: Women's Stow-N-Go A/B High Impact Sport Bra


This bra can be seen on the North Face Website here.  I have been so happy with this bra and would consider it a life saver on my runs.  I had been using an armband for to carry my iPhone while running (because I listen to music, like to know my mileage and splits, and the piece of mind that comes from the live tracking of runkeeper), BUT the armband began to chafe.  I would have a horrible skin rub in certain spots of my inner arm where the arm band was just rubbing it raw = very painful and not very fun.  Then I started wearing an arm band on just that arm to alleviate the problem, then I found this gem.  Seriously, it holds everything.  It doesn't bounce.  I can access my phone much easier than when it was in the arm band.  I am in heaven.

Downside: (because there always is one right?) It does fit a little tight around the rib cage.  You may want to size up.   Also, it has become so insanely popular that it is actually sold out right now on the North Face website :-(.  But I think you may still be able to find it in stores and at some other retailers such as Zappos and REI.  It also claims to have a moisture barrier to keep contents in the boob pocket protected, but I still do get some condensation on my iPhone screen.  Nothing too bad mind you and has never done any phone damage, so I am not too worried.  My solution is make sure when I put it in there, the screen is facing away from my body, not towards it.  I ran a full marathon in it and my phone is absolutely fine :-)

I currently have this bra in Black and White, but would love to add additional colors to my collection!  I have worn it for all distances up to half marathons and wore it today on my 15 miler with no issues.  I love it!  Highly recommended!

Note:  I bought this bra myself and was not asked by North Face to do a review. However, I am willing and able to accept any products in exchange for a review 

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