Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Please Vote in the Run to Napa Contest

ZOOMA Napa Valley

So Zooma Race Series has started a contest (which I have entered) in which they will send the winning blogger ALL EXPENSES PAID on a trip to run the half marathon in Napa this Summer.  But it gets BETTER!  How can it get better than that you ask?  They are throwing in another all expenses paid trip for the blogger to raffle away to one of her blog readers....AMAZING. 

I really want to win this for a number of reasons.  I feel like these great contests I always hear about are really awesome, BUT the races would require me to take days off from school...hard to do.  This one is over my school break....ahhhhh.  Also, my sister lives out there and I would get to see her!  Yeah!  My DC friend will be living out there with her boyfriend at that point.  Double Yeah!  And I would absolutely LOVE to get to know one of my blog readers in such a fun and intimate way!  Racing, Spa-ing, Wine Tasting....oh my.

But, here's the thing.  I am currently in third place.  The leader has quite the lead.  I had though about giving up, throwing in the towel but then I thought no way.  I am always telling myself not to give up when running and telling others to do the would be wrong of me to do that with this!  So I forge on! 

I would love your vote daily to win, so that not only I can go, but one of you can too! 

When you click to vote it will look like this.  Just click the white vote button and you are done.  Voting is once per day through 2/24.  You can click on "click to vote" or the button at the top, it should take you to the same place. 

So I apologize in advance for posting this to facebook every dang day until Feb 24th, (really I do apologize) but I really, really want to win!
SIDE NOTE: Can you believe I have NEVER been to Napa even though I lived in California?  Ugh.  It's true.  This will be my first visit and I coming from DC!  Crazy. 

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