Monday, November 17, 2014

Flip Belt Review

I was sent a FlipBelt through the BibRave Pro program to test out on some of my runs.  To be honest, I never saw myself as a running belt person.  I got a hydration belt and ran with it a few times but never felt truly comfortable.  I didn't have high hopes for the FlipBelt, but I will give anything a try.  First, it claims it does not bounce....I just couldn't believe this one would be true. 

Stretching with my FlipBelt still securely in place
I took it out for a run on a cool November day and put my phone and house key in the pockets.  Sometimes I want to run with my phone so I have it for emergencies or for pictures.  I have a bra by Lululemon that I usually put my phone in, but that causes unslightly square boob photos
The belt can be worn over or under your shirt.  I chose over since my shirt was so form fitting

I was very pleasantly surprised by the FlipBelt.  When I got home my husband asked how it went and I answered, "Great!"  Now he wants one for himself, but is well aware that mine in size XS will probably not work out well for him.  The belt comes in multiple sizes so that it fits snug and doesn't bounce.  (It also comes in multiple colors too, but I chose the traditional black).    I think I will be getting one for my husband for Christmas!  At races, he likes to have his phone so that we can touch base and meet up afterwards.  He also likes to have it for photos because he is the Selfie King! 

I would recommend the FlipBelt for anyone who is looking for a way to carry their phone, key, money, metro card, etc. Things that won't fit/work in traditional pockets and they want to avoid bounce which can ruin a good run. 

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