Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nuun Hydration Review

I love my Marine Corps Marathon bottle!
I am a huge Nuun hydration fan!  I like the product, the company and how they support runners.  
I prefer Nuun over other sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade that can upset my stomach.  Nuun doesn't do that.  
Nuun comes in a tube with tablets that you drop into your water bottle.  It lightly fizzes up and mixes itself into your water, unlike some mixes that require a good shaking.  It is low calorie and sugar free.  So, just know that if you're participating in intense exercises lasting more than 60 to 90 minutes, you should consume carbohydrates to ensure energy levels for working muscles. But how you do that is up to you. Everyone manages energy consumption differently, whether it’s with sports bars, gel or other sources of calories and carbohydrates.
I love that Nuun creates a race specific water bottle for many of the big races!  I have the Marine Corps Marathon (pictured), Nike Women's SF, Nike Women's DC and the plan is to acquire the Boston Marathon and NYC Marathon bottles in the future!  
Nuun tasting station at the Marine Corps Marathon Expo

Thanks for the great flavors Nuun and BibRavePro
Nuun comes in many flavors and you are bound to find one you like.  Nuun Active Hydration comes in 12 flavors: Orange, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Kona Cola, Lemon Tea, Tri-Berry, Grape, Tropical, Citrus Fruit, Watermelon, and Lemonade.  At many expos, they have a tasting station.  My favorite is citrus. 

U Natural Hydration is newer and I have yet to try.  It comes in 4 flavors: Cucumber Mint, Goji Berry Green Tea, Tangerine Ginger, and Lemon Chai.

Nuun All Day comes in 4 flavors: Grapefruit Orange, Tangerine Lime, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Grape Raspberry.  I have only tried the Blueberry Pom and it is really good! 

Since Nuun is my preferred method of hydration, I jump for joy when it is served on course at races such as the Nike Women's Half Marathon!  :-). 

Thanks to BibRave for providing me with some Nuun to review!  I loved it anyway and so happy to have more! 

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  1. I love Nuun! Definitely need to order some more to keep me hydrated during my runs! :-)